A collection of bracelets designed with hand picked gemstones that promote wellbeing. 

In recent times looking after ourselves both physically & mentally has become even more important.

This is the 'GEMSTONE & 14KT GOLD' bracelet, a full gemstone bracelet with 14kt gold or Sterling Silver beads inbetween each stone.

Each bracelet combine gemstone chips varying in size from 3mm to 7mm all varying in shape combined with small 14kt gold or Sterling Silver beads & finished with a large 14kt gold or Sterling Silver bead.


MOONSTONE enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

BLUE LACE AGATE a soothing and nurturing stone to bring calmness and peace of mind

WHITE QUARTZ a healing stone to purify negative thoughts and energy & to release stress from our bodies.

LIGHT AMETHYST a stone for physical healing, enhancing the immune system, improving the skin, promoting digestive health, reducing headaches and regulating hormones.

ROSE QUARTZ a stone for purifying the heart and promoting love, self love, friendship & feelings of peace.

GREEN AVENTURINE  a soothing stone that also attracts luck, abundance & success.

TURQUOISE AMAZONITE a stone to soothe the nervous system, filter stress & heal trauma. 

BLUE MAGNESITE a stone often used in meditation for its calming properties, it is believed this stone assists its wearer to think clearer aiding creativity. It also encourages the power of love. 

The 14kt gold bracelets are waterproof, tarnish proof & can be worn everyday.

The Sterling Silver must be kept dry & polished regularly to avoid tarnishing expected with all Sterling Silver jewellery. 

Due to these stones being natural, irregularities in size, shape & colour will be present and are not considered flaws. Each bracelet is handmade & totally unique, no 2 bracelets ever being the same.

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