A stunning gold plated oversized initial on the brands THICK adjustable cord bracelet (please choose your colour & initial from menus)

Each initial measures approx 1.4 to 1.5 inches, this varies depending on the shape of the initial.

Please note that each initial sits differently on the wrist according to shape & hole alignment. Unfortunately this design does not come in the letter 'L' or 'V' or 'T' or 'Y' or 'Z' this is due to the shape of these initials not sitting flat on the wrist.

This design is totally exclusive to the brand.

This design is NON RETURNABLE, please read the description and observe all images on here and on instagram. 

CARE: Please keep this design away from all lotions, perfumes, water & chemicals to maintain its shine & prevent tarnishing. It is not designed to be worn in the heat & extreme sunshine as salt in the skin caused by sweating will tarnish the gold. 

The brand will not replace items that have tarnished due to incorrect care. 

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